NATO Summit

Recapping the NATO Warsaw Summit: A Unified Alliance

With the ink on the Warsaw Summit communiqué now dry, it is time to look back on the summit. In our pre-summit analysis, we identified five topics of interest: the quest for a new identity, Russia, reassurance measures, burden sharing,

Montenegro’s Participation to the NATO Warsaw Summit

When one thinks about the countries involved with NATO, generally, one only thinks about the Allies and Russia. But there are countries outside the Alliance, like partner countries and potential members who are involved. The last NATO enlargement was in


OM Chatter Crazy Train

All the Donald with a Pinch of François, Kevin, & Betsy

This week's episode of Chatter we miss Nate (again!) as he is trapped in a mountain snowstorm. Karan and Vennesa muddle through without him, starting off with Donald Trump, and pretty much talking about him all the way through. From the


There is No Single Elite

The election of Donald Trump as the next US President is said to be a backlash by Americans, many of whom live in the “flyover country” of the central states, against an elite that lives in the coastal states. This