T for Trump: America’s Swan Song

T for Trump: America's Swan Song

Remember, remember the Eighth of November. I know I do. It was 2 am on a Tuesday night, technically November 9, and I was slumped into my couch, drunk off whiskey. My face was twisted and scrunched up, tears welling, still hoping by some miracle that the numbers on the TV were wrong. By 2:30 am the CNN banner proclaimed ‘Donald Trump wins.’ I frantically googled “US election results,” wondering if this was actually some nightmare dream sequence instead of reality. But I was awake, and it was true: Donald Trump won the 2016 US Electoral College. I called my mom in the middle of the night. I sobbed. For a large pocket of Americans the win brought a sense of relief and

Cyber Security: Ransomware and You

Chances are you’re one of the 3 billion-plus people in the world who owns and uses a smartphone or computer, which means you’re probably part of the nearly 50% of the global population with Internet access. All at a click of a button you can reach endless information, unfettered pornography, and communicate with other users all around the world, in real time. Now imagine one day you’re firing up the computer or opening your phone and instead of that familiar screensaver of your cat (probably), you’re faced with a malware message informing you your data is currently being held hostage, decryption attempts are futile, and to just pay the money if you want the device to live. You and your personal

Zika on Board: Disease, Sex, & Olympics in Brazil

Brazil should be worried. In Latin America, it currently has one of the highest climbing rates of Zika cases, a disease believed to cause microcephaly in the womb and resulting in babies being born with underdeveloped brains and heads. Transmitted by mosquitoes and sexual intercourse, Brazil is facing an upward battle, all while maintaining a brave face as it forges ahead with the 2016 Olympics games in August. The country is taking action to combat the outbreak, but with the added pressure of the games, there will be a much more critical spotlight directed at the country than originally anticipated. While Zika does seem to be in a work-in-progress stage as far as understanding its mutation and impact, the disease has