No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

On this episode of Observatory Media’s Chatter, we check out a shake-up of British politics and a sort of break-up on Canada’s side of the world.

First up, though, is the political drama that has engulfed the Gulf. Saudi Arabia and some its closest friends cut off diplomatic and transportation ties to Qatar this week, citing the tiny nation’s alleged support for terrorism and Iran. Is this a shock or has it been a long time coming? What does it mean for the citizens of Qatar? Will it impact OPECs efforts to raise the price of crude?

Next up, we pop over to Canada to talk Chrystia Freeland and what her break-up speech signals for US-Canada relations moving forward. Did we throw them out in the middle of the night, or casually suggest that we should just see other people? What’s up next for Canada’s sovereign foreign policy?

Third, on the agenda, Karan (our UK correspondent, despite his claims to the contrary) talks us through what’s happening in the lead-up to the UK snap election. Is May going to get the super-majority she wanted? Can Labour manage an upset? Do Trump’s recent shenanigans have any bearing?

On Vennesa’s African Bits we’ve got Morocco and drama in the Rif, recession in South Africa (and a new reality TV show on polygamy that you can preview by clicking here), and elections in Lesotho.

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