OM’s Chatter: Guam & Venezuela & Stuff

Pegging Down Nafta & Vanishing Princes

This week Vennesa & Nate fly solo to talk why poor Guam is being dragged into the hyper(?)power/North Korea drama, and whether things will be escalated, toned down, or level off. Is Guam going to suffer a nuclear strike even though they don't have full rights as US citizens? They also talk the new Venezuelan Constituent National Assembly (different from the National Assembly) that has convened and declared itself supreme (though not a hyperpower, strangely enough) in the aftermath of Maduro's suspicious referendum. Next up are the Africa Bits, which include the Kenyan and Rwandan elections results, and US sanctions on Sudan. Then there's an argument about whether yesterday's image was a squirrel baby or a chipmunk baby. It was a squirrel, so you

OM’s Chatter: Feelings Hurt and Miniskirts

Pegging Down Nafta & Vanishing Princes

This week on OM's Chatter, Nate and Vennesa fly solo to discuss all things G20, Junker's hurt feelings and the future of the EU, and Uganda's war on miniskirts. First off though, we briefly discuss what North Korea's latest missile launch means for US security, regional security, and what this might mean for the flaming bag of geopolitics that the G20 is shaping up to be, especially in the wake of all the hurt feelings and smack talk that has been in the air between world leaders. Next up, Nate nerds about EU Parliament vs. Commission, and we take a look at the tragic state of the EU, at least at the moment Jean-Claude Junker decided to put MEPs on blast. Finally, Vennesa rounds things

OM’s Chatter: Donald’s Quest & Morocco’s Protest

Pegging Down Nafta & Vanishing Princes

On this week's episode of OM's Chatter, we take peek at what's happening a la Arab Spring in Morocco, how the ex-leader of the free world's trip went, and more! First, the gang unites to recap the facets of Trump's Abrahamic Religions Roadtrip and the G7 & NATO Summits that closely followed. Did he really embarrass himself that badly? What does his agenda mean for the future of the "free world," and the alliance that has stood for nearly 70 years? Next up we swing by the Philippine's to ponder how Duterte's "war on drugs" is going, and whether his strongman styles are causing any dip in his approval ratings (spoiler alert: most people are apparently okay with the way things are

Leadership Races & Kenya Braces

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash The Round-Up this week we've got cyber crimes in Kenya, refugee camp attacks in Nigeria, wiretapping in the US, and party leadership races in Canada.  Kenya’s Tax Hacker Kenya’s Revenue Agency joined the global list of corporate victims of cyber crime. According to the prosecution, Alex Mutungi Mutuku is part of an international ring of cyber criminals that has stolen money from multiple state bodies. Mutuku, a 28-year-old IT expert, has pled not guilty to the charges. According to the Kenyan cyber crime unit, the country has lost about $220 million (CAD) from hacking in 2016 alone, and ten suspects have been charged. Many western countries have also been embroiled in cyber crime saga's recently, and it remains to

Postmodern Politicians & Border Games: OM’s Mini RoundUp

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash The Round-Up this week is miniaturised since everyone on the OM team is a little swamped. That being said, we've picked our favourites from today that you might have missed. They include fun with border crossing, vote-rigging: the Canadian edition, and the 'postmodern politician'. Laugh so you don't cry? A new video game created by a Texan lets you have fun with catchy Mario Bros.-type music while trying to avoid helicopters and Border Agents, and search for water. The trailer is only a little disturbing and might end up triggering a full-out game review section if the OM team can try it out.     So postmodernism was 'created', so to speak, to find new ways of looking at issues and aimed

OM’s Midweek Madness

In lieu of an OM Chatter episode, we have for you midweek madness. This substitute episode includes Trump quotes from the joint session of Congress, a French misfire, and war crimes from everyone (according to the UN).    Trump’s Address to Joint Session of Congress In what is being hailed as ‘Trump 2.0’, the President’s address to Congress earlier this week included no jabs at the “lying” mainstream media outlets, no comments about celebrities, and kept warmongering to a minimum, demonstrating once again that if the bar is set low enough, anyone can make it over. Critics have correctly pointed out that his ability to read from a teleprompter for just over an hour makes his alternate facts and the associated policies no

It’s Raining Trump

Pegging Down Nafta & Vanishing Princes

This week on OM's Chatter is pretty much all about Trump. Before we rain on all the parades (and inaugurations), we talk a little bit about Gambia, mostly because Jammeh's finally out and Barrow is inbound from Senegal to start fixing the country. Why did Jammeh loot the place before he left? And what might The Gambia's post-conflict resolution strategy look like? Just for kicks, here's a fun article about the other Dictators who have taken from everyone and given to themselves: We then move on to the main event: Trump and the ripples his initial cringe-worthy days in office have sent through the world. We start off with the 'Mexico City Policy' and what this means for aid organizations and

Just a Little Bit of a Hot, Disordered Mess

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash The Round-Up this week shakes its head at the hot, disordered mess that is our world at the moment. It includes two elections with issues, a forum with some global health implications, another candidate for the Conservative leadership race in Canada, some terrifyingly warm weather, and the panic of two British banks as they realize Brexit might suck.   The Trump Era Begins As trump is sworn in, there is much to unpack and likely more to come. Trump has been throwing week long cash for access parties in his ramp up to inauguration. The price tag to get into ‘fortress Washington’ on the day of the inauguration is at its cheapest a staggering $25,000, even though there is

OM’s Chatter: A Circle of Madness

Pegging Down Nafta & Vanishing Princes

This week on OM's Chatter, Karan and Vennesa fly solo and make a global circle of madness, to talk about press freedom, Brexit, Nigeria, The Gambia, Ukraine, and Obamacare. First, they talk about Trump's anti-press drama and what it means for the future of press freedom and government transparency in the United States. We then move across the pond to talk about Theresa May's speech, clearing up what she's previously said about Brexit. Wandering south, Vennesa has a wee ramble about the Nigerian air force either 'misfiring' or 'misidentifying' a refugee camp, and Jammeh still being Jammeh in The Gambia. Heading east, we talk about Ukraine picking the bone with Russia about Crimea at the International Court of Justice, and whether that'll actually bear any

The Future of the Financial (in)Action Task Force

Financial (In)Action Task Force

When it comes to terrorism and the consistent recurrence of suicide attacks, bombings, and killings many feel, despite international efforts to combat groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Boko Haram, terrorism is getting worse – not better. Unfortunately, while disheartening to say, this sentiment isn’t exactly wrong.  In 2015, it was reported that deaths by terrorism in OECD countries increased by 650%. Furthermore, in 2016, The Global Terrorism Index concluded that while the number of terrorist bombings decreased throughout the year, the bombs that were detonated in 2016 were more efficient, more lethal and more deadly than ever and had engaged in tactics to maximize fatalities. To put it simply, if an entire terrorist operation were to be looked