No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week on OM’s Chatter, Karan and Vennesa fly solo and make a global circle of madness, to talk about press freedom, Brexit, Nigeria, The Gambia, Ukraine, and Obamacare.

First, they talk about Trump’s anti-press drama and what it means for the future of press freedom and government transparency in the United States.

We then move across the pond to talk about Theresa May’s speech, clearing up what she’s previously said about Brexit.

Wandering south, Vennesa has a wee ramble about the Nigerian air force either ‘misfiring’ or ‘misidentifying’ a refugee camp, and Jammeh still being Jammeh in The Gambia.

Heading east, we talk about Ukraine picking the bone with Russia about Crimea at the International Court of Justice, and whether that’ll actually bear any fruit.

To round things out, we’re back in the US to talk about Obamacare aka. The Affordable Care Act and why people seem to think they aren’t the same thing.

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