No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week’s episode of Chatter we miss Nate (again!) as he is trapped in a mountain snowstorm. Karan and Vennesa muddle through without him, starting off with Donald Trump, and pretty much talking about him all the way through.

From the repercussions of the “Muslim Ban,” which may or may not be a ban, the break with tradition that the Brit Speaker of the House dealt with to say no to Trump addressing the government there, and the disdain for the judiciary that is apparently totally fine, to his pick for Education Secretary and how even two Republicans said no.

We also manage to fit in a few non-Trump items including the recent and horrific discovery of mass hangings at a prison in Syria, and the Canadian conservative race that might give us our very own TV star leader, and what is happening to François Fillon in the Frech Presidential election race.

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