No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week on OM’s Chatter is pretty much all about Trump. Before we rain on all the parades (and inaugurations), we talk a little bit about Gambia, mostly because Jammeh’s finally out and Barrow is inbound from Senegal to start fixing the country. Why did Jammeh loot the place before he left? And what might The Gambia’s post-conflict resolution strategy look like? Just for kicks, here’s a fun article about the other Dictators who have taken from everyone and given to themselves:

We then move on to the main event: Trump and the ripples his initial cringe-worthy days in office have sent through the world. We start off with the ‘Mexico City Policy’ and what this means for aid organizations and family planning around the world. Next up is reactions in Canada and Mexico regarding the dismantling (or renegotiating, or replacing) of NAFTA, and, more significantly, what Trump’s chucking of the TPP might mean for China’s place in the global economic agreement hierarchy and what it means for nations who are looking to boost international trade.

A little more Trump fun for everyone: here’s a link about the copy-cat inauguration cake and where the proceeds went: and the half an onion in a plastic bag that’s trying to beat Trump on Twitter (yes, you read that correctly) here:

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