No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week Vennesa & Nate fly solo to talk why poor Guam is being dragged into the hyper(?)power/North Korea drama, and whether things will be escalated, toned down, or level off. Is Guam going to suffer a nuclear strike even though they don’t have full rights as US citizens?

They also talk the new Venezuelan Constituent National Assembly (different from the National Assembly) that has convened and declared itself supreme (though not a hyperpower, strangely enough) in the aftermath of Maduro’s suspicious referendum.

Next up are the Africa Bits, which include the Kenyan and Rwandan elections results, and US sanctions on Sudan.

Then there’s an argument about whether yesterday’s image was a squirrel baby or a chipmunk baby. It was a squirrel, so you can skip that part.

Thanks for listening! Hear us again next week!

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