No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

On this week’s episode of Observatory Media’s Chatter the gang talks about Theresa May’s giant misstep and Jeff Sessions’ day in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

First up is poor ol’ Jeff, whose insistence on the ‘inappropriateness’ of questions about his interactions with President Trump got him blasted by members of the SIC, including the sasstacular (and foxy) Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.). We also ponder what his testimony might mean for the bigger picture repercussions for the Trump White House.

Next, we turn to our UK Correspondent Karan for the latest on the snap-election snafu that cost Theresa May and the Tory’s their majority, and what an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party might mean for Brexit negotiations. Macron also weighed in, buoyed by what looks like a shutout election for his En Marche! Party.

After that, we turn to Qatar to look at developments in the beef between the tiny middle eastern country and Saudi Arabia (and its allies). Vennesa puts on her tin hat for a minute, Nate makes a good point of the non-tin hat variety, and the gang ponders whether Trump actually knew what he was doing when he back the Saudis or if he just wanted a win.

Fourth on the agenda is Nate’s moment in the sun, explaining Canada’s new feminism based foreign policy, and what it means for the future of independent Canadian engagement internationally.

Last, but certainly not least, Vennesa surprises the gang with an African Bit: Morocco and their desire to mediate in the Qatar v. GCC squabble.

Thanks for listening! Also an interesting link for anyone who actually reads these instead of just listening to the podcast and doesn’t know the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee; the Washington Post has a quickie primer you might be interested in.


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