No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week’s episode of OM’s Chatter might be a day late, but it’s still great! Join the gang for a lively discussion of Jared Kushner’s peacemaking attempt, the Queen’s Speech, NoKo rhetoric, and more!

First, we ask whether the Israel-Palestine conflict has been resolved by Trump’s son-in-law yet since it’s allegedly super easy and uncomplicated. Sigh.

Next, we turn to Macron’s sweeping victory in all the French elections and what it might mean for Brexit negotiations. Speaking of Brexit, we mull over the Queen’s Speech, what her hat might have meant, and whether Theresa May has any cards left to play against the Merkron duo.

What is ‘buzzing’? Nate lets us all know, and we talk about whether the jet-related drama between the US/NATO and Russia will actually have any impact on the wider Syrian conflict moving forward.

Rounding out the episode, we’ve got a brief discussion of North Korea and the recent death of Otto Warmbier, and what escalating rhetoric and aggressive symbolic gestures might mean for US-NoKo relations.

Last, but not least, Vennesa caps things off with a lone African Bit. This week: the upcoming elections in Kenya and things to look for as the campaigns wrap up and the voting begins.

Coming up next week: more on the Kenyan election and some Qatar-related tinhattery.

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