No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

The gang’s all back this week for the latest reunion episode of the Chatter! This week we start off with Trump’s strikes in Syria, how much good they did, what this might say (if anything) about US policy towards the Syrian government, and what the strike means for US-Russia relations and the region.

We then pop over to South Africa to ponder the latest protests against Jacob Zuma, what the split(s) in the ANC might mean after he leaves, who might take over, and how racism continues to be used as a political propaganda tool.

Then moving to France, we check out Marine Le Pen’s latest exploits and comments and what if anything they might do to her chances in the upcoming election.

Next up we take a look at the South China Sea, the latest developments and ‘Winter White House’ summit, and what Trump’s past rhetoric might mean for tensions and cooperation in the region now that North Korea is ramping up its nuclear talk and walk.

To round things out, Vennesa’s got a few comments on developments in Namibia and we round out the episode with a tidbit of good news from The Gambia.

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