No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

On this episode of OM’s Chatter, Vennesa takes out the tin hats to talk about Qatar & the GCC, some population control measures in India from Karan, and Nate picks a bone with Haiti’s desire for a military.

First up though, we talk Brexit updates, including Boris Johnson making word sounds with his mouth but not saying much and David Davis’ ‘Plan B’.

Secondly, we move to SoKo to discuss the new test of the THAAD system, what regional fallout drama can be expected, and debate whether Trump will add fuel to the fire with some antagonistic 4 am tweet.

Next, Vennesa gets her tin hat out to debate GCC motivations in Qatar with Nate, before moving over to Haiti and having a lively chat about their motivations for creating an army instead of ramping up relief & rebuild efforts.

Finally, there are a bunch of bits. Karan starts us off with a plan by the Indian government to increase access to family planning and contraception in an effort to curb population growth, and Vennesa takes us to the end of the episode with a decidedly uncivilized blunder from President Macron, and an update on some drama around ballots and corruption leading up to the Kenyan election.

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back next week!

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