No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week “mother” aka. Vennesa is away, so Karan and Nate decide to go ham. Just kidding. They discuss the continuing saga that is the calamitous situation in Venezuela, and what the changes to the constitutional assembly might mean.

Next, they move on to talk about the crackdown on freedoms and dissidents in Turkey and what an increasingly aggressive Erdogan means for the country’s relationships, before moving over to talk about Pakistan and recent developments of the Kashmiri variety.

Then they pop over to the states for an update on the opioid crisis, and how not well that is going given the mediocre attention to health care this administration seems intent on giving the mother of all drug epidemics. Shouldn’t Jared Kushner have solved this already? Or has he been fired too?

Last but not least, someone (I suspect our UK correspondent) has a Brexit tidbit to share. Surprise inside.


Editor’s Note: Nate incorrectly calls the Venezuelan constitutional assembly, the National Assembly. Way to go Nate.

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