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The Round-Up this week is miniaturised since everyone on the OM team is a little swamped. That being said, we’ve picked our favourites from today that you might have missed. They include fun with border crossing, vote-rigging: the Canadian edition, and the ‘postmodern politician’.

Laugh so you don’t cry? A new video game created by a Texan lets you have fun with catchy Mario Bros.-type music while trying to avoid helicopters and Border Agents, and search for water. The trailer is only a little disturbing and might end up triggering a full-out game review section if the OM team can try it out.



So postmodernism was ‘created’, so to speak, to find new ways of looking at issues and aimed to bring a multiplicity of voices into conversations that had previously been dominated in one way or another. The “postmodern politician”, for example, Donald Trump, is taking these ideas and using them to entrench their own dominance, by promoting the notion that there is no such thing as concrete fact or objective truth and granting an “anarchic liberation from glum reality.” Brilliant? Dangerous? PoMo; we’re both right.




News on the Colombia front has been quiet since the signing of the peace deal between FARC rebels and the government. Sadly this doesn’t mean that the areas once controlled by the rebels have quieted down. A new report from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says dozens of activists have been killed this year and the UN warned that armed groups were taking up residence where departing FARC rebels left a power vacuum and were killing activists they perceived as a threat.



Canada Map Canadian ValuesCanada is apparently getting its own vote-rigging mini-conspiracy. Kevin O’Leary is causing a stir with new allegations, via Twitter, that ‘activists’ have been using prepaid credit cards to sign up fake members to vote in the Conservative Party’s upcoming leadership election. It’s obviously completely impossible that the levels of crazy the Tory race is bringing out of the woodwork are encouraging those who might otherwise have not bothered. Obviously. The party is investigating, though, bringing the state-“facts”-first-investigate-later style of campaigning to the True North. Buckle up, kids. We have a feeling our home on native land is about to go for a wild ride.


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