No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week, the team get together to discuss their final thoughts before the Rio Olympics, Trump and his latest entanglement with the powerful sacrifice for one’s country, Duterte’s foreign policy shift for the Philippines, a Nigerian scammer, and 10,000 starving migrant workers from India in Saudi Arabia. 

With Rio about to host the Olympics, the team takes a moment to informally discuss their concerns over the issues plaguing the city, and the country as a whole. Will these issues surface during the games, or get swept under the rug as attention moves to the glitz and glamour of competition?

On Trump, the team begrudgingly puts their mind back into American politics and discuss the larger implications of the military and political campaigning in the US. How are Trump supporters dealing with their flag bearer attacking a sacred American institution?

In the Philippines, Duterte looks to take advantage of the rising tension between super powers in the area and benefit his country. He is courting, or strong-arming, super powers in a way the Philippines have not done in the past and the results could be very drastic for the country. Will it pay off?

In lighter news, the team covers the arrest of an infamous Nigerian internet scammer and the larger problem of cyber scamming. You’ll want to hear how much he had, and why the Nigerian prince is probably fine.

Finally, the team gets stuck in a conversation surrounding the Indian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia who haven’t been paid in months and are starving. What is the Indian government doing, why is this happening, and what could they be doing better? 

All this, and some side rambles! 

Thank you for listening.

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