Cyber Security: Ransomware and You

Chances are you’re one of the 3 billion-plus people in the world who owns and uses a smartphone or computer, which means you’re probably part of the nearly 50% of the global population with Internet access. All at a click of a button you can reach endless information, unfettered pornography, and communicate with other users all around the world, in real time. Now imagine one day you’re firing up the computer or opening your phone and instead of that familiar screensaver of your cat (probably), you’re faced with a malware message informing you your data is currently being held hostage, decryption attempts are futile, and to just pay the money if you want the device to live. You and your personal

Email Hackers & Election Backers

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash This week's Round-Up covers the Fort McMurray Wildfire, Bitcoin, Russian hackers, Davutoglu's resignation, Trump, Cinco de Mayo, and brawling in South African parliament.    Fort McMurray Wildfire and Oil Prices The wildfire that has put Alberta in a province-wide state of emergency has also started to concern pundits about oil prices.This could be another major hit to the oil industry in the province, that has already suffered tremendously the past year. Oil prices have already jumped and several companies have had to halt operations and evacuate. Canada is now producing approximately 700,000 barrels less per day (over 18 per cent). It is yet to be seen what long-term effects this may have on the industry, industry officials are declining