OM’s Chatter: The Short & Sweet Episode

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

Like the title says, this episode of OM's Chatter is short and sweet! We start off with the general list of goals recently released by the US regarding NAFTA renegotiations and what it means for Canada's automotive and agricultural industries. Next up, we check in with Venezuela and what the recent nonbinding resolution might mean for the crisis-wracked country. Lastly, we've got two African Bits updates on voting and Cholera in Kenya, and parliamentary elections in Congo-Brazzaville. Thanks for listening! 'See you' next week!

OM’s Chatter: Feelings Hurt and Miniskirts

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week on OM's Chatter, Nate and Vennesa fly solo to discuss all things G20, Junker's hurt feelings and the future of the EU, and Uganda's war on miniskirts. First off though, we briefly discuss what North Korea's latest missile launch means for US security, regional security, and what this might mean for the flaming bag of geopolitics that the G20 is shaping up to be, especially in the wake of all the hurt feelings and smack talk that has been in the air between world leaders. Next up, Nate nerds about EU Parliament vs. Commission, and we take a look at the tragic state of the EU, at least at the moment Jean-Claude Junker decided to put MEPs on blast. Finally, Vennesa rounds things

OM’s Chatter: Misstep May & Sessions’ Day

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

On this week's episode of Observatory Media's Chatter the gang talks about Theresa May's giant misstep and Jeff Sessions' day in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. First up is poor ol' Jeff, whose insistence on the 'inappropriateness' of questions about his interactions with President Trump got him blasted by members of the SIC, including the sasstacular (and foxy) Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.). We also ponder what his testimony might mean for the bigger picture repercussions for the Trump White House. Next, we turn to our UK Correspondent Karan for the latest on the snap-election snafu that cost Theresa May and the Tory's their majority, and what an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party might mean for Brexit negotiations. Macron also weighed in,

This Week’s Happenings

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash The RoundUp this week covers Trump's action towards NAFTA, the unrest in Venezuela, the credit ratings of Caribbean countries, tensions surrounding North Korea and the Front National in France. Trump Wants to Roll the Dice on NAFTA After taking jabs at Canada’s dairy industry and imposing tariffs on Canadian lumber, President Donald Trump – still trying to demonstrate the ‘art of the deal’ – is seeking to renegotiate NAFTA. The trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada is worth approximately $1.2 trillion USD a year with the US exporting $584 billion USD a year. However, Trump continues to stick to his guns that NAFTA is the worst deal ever. Thankfully, in the most liberal use of the word, Trump

A Week of Big Decisions

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash The week's RoundUp is short and sweet, with just enough room for some of our favourite articles and stories from the week. From Trump's busy week of sorting out his policies, troubles in Brazil, Liberian school teachers, responses to the deadly Syrian attacks, and the peacekeeping mission in Haiti.   Trump’s Busy Week This has been a busy week for the Trump Administration which has been posed with serious foreign policy issues. Firstly, the tragedy in Syria which compelled the President to launch missiles at a Syrian airfield. This has set back Russia-US relations which Donald Trump has described as being at an ‘all-time low.’ Both Syria and Russia have denied that forces loyal to Assad used chemical weapons.

People Need to Feel Heard

People Need to Be Heard IMG

I’ve heard a lot of different predictions about what will happen in this year’s St. Albert election. One person suggested to me that either the people who support the ‘status quo’ of spending on City projects or the people who support cutting back on different kinds of spending, will win a majority on Council. Another person predicted that all the incumbent members of Council would be removed. Meanwhile, social movements like Idle No More and Black Lives Matter speak on behalf of people of colour who feel as though the rest of society doesn’t listen to them or care about their concerns. Politicians like Rob Ford and Kellie Leitch portray themselves as getting a lot of their support from ‘ordinary’ citizens who

A Divorce, a Former President, & a Coup-ish

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash The Round-Up this week is short and sweet, with just enough room for some of our favourite articles and stories from the week. From Venezuela's Supreme Court drama to the UK's messy divorace, and the Rohingya in Myanmar, we've got all the headlines from the week and a few stories you might have missed!  First on the docket is Venezuela, where Maduro is in some hot water as the Supreme Court takes over legislative duties from the Congress, in what most are calling a coup. Several legislators have flat out called Maduro a dictator and unsurprisingly, the international community has chimed in with demands for an electoral timetable and fourteen North and South American countries have chimed in

OM’s Chatter: The Reunited Rundown Ramble

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

This week's episode of Chatter sees the gang reunited to talk about a landmark Canadian ruling for First Nation's survivors who were scooped in the sixties and brought up without access to their heritage, culture, and language. Next on the list is US sanctions against Venezuelan Vice President El Aissami, why he seems to have been 'singled out,' and what precedent this might set for other country's leaders, and an assassination plot carried out at a Malaysian airport that is something right out of an Ian Fleming novel. To round off the RoundUp, we discuss refugees fleeing the US into Canada, and why they currently can't come through normal channels, fears of the Oroville dam collapse in California, and why an attack that

All the Donald with a Pinch of François, Kevin, & Betsy

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week's episode of Chatter we miss Nate (again!) as he is trapped in a mountain snowstorm. Karan and Vennesa muddle through without him, starting off with Donald Trump, and pretty much talking about him all the way through. From the repercussions of the "Muslim Ban," which may or may not be a ban, the break with tradition that the Brit Speaker of the House dealt with to say no to Trump addressing the government there, and the disdain for the judiciary that is apparently totally fine, to his pick for Education Secretary and how even two Republicans said no. We also manage to fit in a few non-Trump items including the recent and horrific discovery of mass hangings at a prison

There is No Single Elite


The election of Donald Trump as the next US President is said to be a backlash by Americans, many of whom live in the “flyover country” of the central states, against an elite that lives in the coastal states. This elite, who supported Hillary Clinton, supposedly sees Americans in flyover country as stupid and bigoted and doesn’t care about their problems. Voting for Trump was flyover country’s retaliation against the elite. In Canada, political voices like Kellie Leitch and Ezra Levant have also portrayed themselves as striking back against an elite, often based in places like Toronto and Vancouver, that supposedly looks down on Canadians who live in other communities the same way the American elite does to flyover country. On the