A Resignation, a Motion, an Election, & more

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash The Round-Up this week checks out the resignation of Michael Flynn, the election of a new Hamas leader, and a battle over semantics in a Canadian anti-racism motion. We also take a look at the continuing violence in South Sudan, the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement, and bombings in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Cabinet Kerfuffle This has been another rough week for the Trump presidency as he continues to struggle to fill his entire cabinet. He now holds the distinction of having it take the longest time to fill his cabinet since Reagan. First, National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn resigned after information came to light to support allegations that he spoke to Russia’s ambassador to the US during the

Something Old, Something New

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash This week's Round-Up focuses on the new Spanish government, soon-to-be new US government, the old ICC membership debate, Maduro's ongoing drama, and a CETA trade deal that's apparently back from the deal.  CETA Trade Deal The seven-year project known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, between Canada and the European Union, was at risk of falling apart this week due to the Belgian region of Wallonia. For the agreement to take effect, it required ratification from Canada and the 27 EU members. All the EU countries and Canada consented to the deal except Belgium, which required each of its regions to agree to the terms of the agreement. The Wallonian region (population of 3.6 million) is quite

Breaking Up & Shaking It Off

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

On this week's episode of Chatter the gang is reunited to talk about the beginnings of a dramatic international break-up and efforts to shake off the oppressive reins of a quasi-dictator, plus zoom in on some stories that are of particular interest to each of us. We start off with the Walloon-headed CETA blockade and what this might mean for the economic futures of the countries involved. Then we pop over to Iraq to talk about the fluid situation that is the ongoing Mosul offensive and the retaliation from ISIS in the wake of coalition forces advancements. Nate then brings all of us non-tech heads up to speed on the recent DDoS attacks and what these breaches might mean for the upcoming US election,