Breaking Up & Shaking It Off

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

On this week's episode of Chatter the gang is reunited to talk about the beginnings of a dramatic international break-up and efforts to shake off the oppressive reins of a quasi-dictator, plus zoom in on some stories that are of particular interest to each of us. We start off with the Walloon-headed CETA blockade and what this might mean for the economic futures of the countries involved. Then we pop over to Iraq to talk about the fluid situation that is the ongoing Mosul offensive and the retaliation from ISIS in the wake of coalition forces advancements. Nate then brings all of us non-tech heads up to speed on the recent DDoS attacks and what these breaches might mean for the upcoming US election,

Australia’s Prime Minister Shuffle

Canberra Prime Minister Parliament House

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is expected to visit Governor-General Peter Cosgrove to formally set an election date. Australian politics have recently been very tumultuous; the country has had four different prime ministers since 2010. The prominent issues expected in this election are climate change, climbing house prices, company tax rates ,and union corruption in the national building industry. PM Turnbull is expected to ask for a July 2, 2016 election date, which means that this will be the longest election campaign since 1969. Having so many different prime ministers in such a short period, raises the question what’s going on? Before delving into each of the prime ministers, the two main parties in the Australian parliament are the centre-right Coalition