Cyber Security: Ransomware and You

Chances are you’re one of the 3 billion-plus people in the world who owns and uses a smartphone or computer, which means you’re probably part of the nearly 50% of the global population with Internet access. All at a click of a button you can reach endless information, unfettered pornography, and communicate with other users all around the world, in real time. Now imagine one day you’re firing up the computer or opening your phone and instead of that familiar screensaver of your cat (probably), you’re faced with a malware message informing you your data is currently being held hostage, decryption attempts are futile, and to just pay the money if you want the device to live. You and your personal

Pomp and Dire Circumstances

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash This week's Round-Up covers Trudeau's visit to the US, internet freedom, addressing refugees in Europe, and much more! What the Canadian State Visit in the US Means This week, President Obama welcomed the Trudeau’s for an official state visit. A lot of attention has been put on the budding ‘bromance’ and jokes shared between the two leaders; this visit represents change in Canada – US relations. The two countries recognize each other as the closest ally and partner in the international stage; however, the recent relationship could be classified as merely cordial. This state visit represents a new commitment to tackle issues faced by both nations including: climate change, security, the Arctic, trade and travel. It is agreed that this