OM’s Chatter: From Doctrines to Duterte

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

The gang's reunited at our new Thursday night slot to talk Trump's on and off teleprompter personas and what this means for NAFTA, whatever happened in Arizona, and what the future might look like under the 'Trump Doctrine'. Next up, our UK correspondent brings us up to speed on the latest, incredibly uninteresting piece of the saga that is the Brexit divorce. Third, Nate weighs in with this week's Africa Bit and enlightens us all about the new strategy the South African government is using to fight the illicit market for Rhino horn. Next up another Africa bit, also of the South African variety: Gucci Grace has made the headlines again by being given diplomatic immunity. The wife of Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe

OM’s Chatter: Pegging Down NAFTA & Vanishing Princes

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

On this episode of OM's Chatter, the gang reunites to try to peg down what each side might want out of NAFTA and discuss the vanishing Saudi princes. First up, though, we have a quick conversation expressing our disgust and dismay over the recent events in Charlottesville and recommend the Vice documentary to any and all. We then move on to the start of NAFTA negotiations, and what the disbanding of Trump's business councils in the wake of CEO abandonment might mean moving forward. Across the pond, we turn to our UK correspondent to bring us up to date on the continuing saga that is the Brexit divorce negotiations. Is anyone else having Brexit fatigue? Next up, the mysterious case of the vanishing Saudi princes. What

OM’s Chatter: The Short & Sweet Episode

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

Like the title says, this episode of OM's Chatter is short and sweet! We start off with the general list of goals recently released by the US regarding NAFTA renegotiations and what it means for Canada's automotive and agricultural industries. Next up, we check in with Venezuela and what the recent nonbinding resolution might mean for the crisis-wracked country. Lastly, we've got two African Bits updates on voting and Cholera in Kenya, and parliamentary elections in Congo-Brazzaville. Thanks for listening! 'See you' next week!

A Divorce, a Former President, & a Coup-ish

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash The Round-Up this week is short and sweet, with just enough room for some of our favourite articles and stories from the week. From Venezuela's Supreme Court drama to the UK's messy divorace, and the Rohingya in Myanmar, we've got all the headlines from the week and a few stories you might have missed!  First on the docket is Venezuela, where Maduro is in some hot water as the Supreme Court takes over legislative duties from the Congress, in what most are calling a coup. Several legislators have flat out called Maduro a dictator and unsurprisingly, the international community has chimed in with demands for an electoral timetable and fourteen North and South American countries have chimed in

It’s Raining Trump

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

This week on OM's Chatter is pretty much all about Trump. Before we rain on all the parades (and inaugurations), we talk a little bit about Gambia, mostly because Jammeh's finally out and Barrow is inbound from Senegal to start fixing the country. Why did Jammeh loot the place before he left? And what might The Gambia's post-conflict resolution strategy look like? Just for kicks, here's a fun article about the other Dictators who have taken from everyone and given to themselves: We then move on to the main event: Trump and the ripples his initial cringe-worthy days in office have sent through the world. We start off with the 'Mexico City Policy' and what this means for aid organizations and

Why I Don’t Want a Female POTUS

I don’t want a female POTUS. I don’t mind one in general, but just not in 2016. I don’t want a female POTUS. Hillary Rodham Clinton is not the best female candidate that could have been put forward. She’s not the glass-ceiling-shattering Nancy Pelosi, the current Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives and a former Speaker of the House. She’s not the barrier-breaking might that Condoleezza Rice represented as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor. Nor does she have the polarizing effect of Gabrielle Giffords, the former Congresswoman from Arizona, who survived an assassination attempt and courageously tried to continue carrying out her duties. I don’t want a female POTUS. People are allowed to change their minds, but not