Reversed Successes & International Failures

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

On this week's episode of OM's Chatter, we shake our collective heads at the new developments and failures this week and wrap up the podcast for the year. We start out in the Gambia, discussing why ECOWAS has had to intervene in the developing political situations and why the argument could turn violent. After, we turn our attention to Aleppo and the 'peace deal' that seems to have taken hold and what the reported end of the conflict means for the rebels and displaced citizens of the city. Then, regrettably, we talk Trump's latest cabinet picks. Most recently: Rex Tillerson (Exxon CEO) for Secretary of State and Rick Perry to run the Department of Energy (yes, the same guy who forgot he wanted

An Earthquake & A Climate Change ‘Debate’

The Round-Up Three Elections Gunman Referendum

The World in a Flash This week the Round-Up is short and sweet. We look at Renzi's resignation, the earthquake in Indonesia, Trump's pick for the EPA, and a possible peace deal for Aleppo.  1. Italy’s PM Resigns Following Referendum Following a constitutional referendum on Sunday, Matteo Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, handed in his resignation three days later. The PM supported a change the national parliament’s upper chamber among other reforms in an attempt to pass legislation through quicker. However, the referendum failed, and the PM followed through on his promise to resign. The Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, has officially received Renzi’s resignation and is now in the process to speaking to major political parties in parliament to designate a new PM. The

An Election, a Party, & a Referendum

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

  This week's Chatter starts in our own backyard, with a discussion of the possible picks for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership and what the 'Trump Phenomenon' moving North might mean for Canada's 2019 election. We then touch on the new Colombia-FARC deal, which might be a second chance at peace in the wake of the last peace deal which failed to pass in a referendum. Turning our gaze northward, we then discuss President-Elect Trump's picks for his administration and what their opinions and beliefs might signal for America's policies for the next four years. Finally, we each nerd out (really just Nate, Nate is the nerd) on one-minute topics of our choosing, including a shout out to Radio New Zealand presenter Vicky McKay,