An Election, a Party, & a Referendum

No Natural Disasters Here, Metaphorical or Otherwise

  This week's Chatter starts in our own backyard, with a discussion of the possible picks for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership and what the 'Trump Phenomenon' moving North might mean for Canada's 2019 election. We then touch on the new Colombia-FARC deal, which might be a second chance at peace in the wake of the last peace deal which failed to pass in a referendum. Turning our gaze northward, we then discuss President-Elect Trump's picks for his administration and what their opinions and beliefs might signal for America's policies¬†for the next four years. Finally, we each nerd out (really just Nate, Nate is the nerd) on one-minute topics of our choosing, including a shout out to Radio New Zealand presenter Vicky McKay,