After a hiatus, so Nate & Karan could relocate all over the world, OM’s Chatter returns with a new short and spicy episode! 

This week the team covers takes a quick bite of all the biggest issues; the biggest of all being the ongoing Syrian saga and siege(s) of Aleppo. What are the Russians doing? What is the US doing? Who is being affected by all of it? 

With tensions escalating between India and Pakistan, we ask what the attackers’ motivations might be, what regional interests are at play, and what this might mean for the future of Indian/Pakistani relationships. 

The Killa from Manila aka. “The Punisher” continues his verbal reckoning of world leaders and we discuss how his posturing might create tensions with neighbouring countries. 

To round things out we take a look at what’s going on with the protests in Ethiopia; we’ve discussed them before but tensions seem to be escalating there too, with new ethnic groups coming out of the woodwork. 

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